Friday, February 23, 2007

God's voice in a 2 year old body

So Jovey continues to perfect this talking. . . communicating. . . ummm. . . endless chattering that fills our house with so much fun and new things for my husband to lay in bed at night and laugh about! Today, as is our custom right now, Jovey got up and came to bed with us to snuggle right before Joshua got up to get ready to go over to the church office for the morning. She always gets under the covers and watches the PBS line-up, as we get like a total of 28 channels, and is very content to lay and rest a bit more in the darkness of the early morning and before breakfast and playtime.

This morning, as Joshua got up to move her over to his side and tuck her in again, she rolled over and looked at me and said the sweetest little phrase ever!

"Mommy, come here! You are the best mommy in the whole wide world! I lub you!" She gave me a huge hug and planted a big wet kiss on my mouth immediately after this proclamation, smiling all the while.

It made my heart melt, especially after a rough night of trying to become acquainted with some much needed sleep and feeling less than "the best" many moments. It continues to amaze me just how life just makes more sense when you hear God's voice pushing you forward in everything, especially through the pure and innocent sentiment of your beautiful 2 year old child!


Nicole said...

ooohh.... fancy shmancy!!!I like your new template and look. It fits you! It's not enough for our hair, clothes, parenting techniques and cooking to evolve, now our blogs are included! see you soon??? I miss you!!!

Lelakay said...

ha ha! Good thing I have a hubby who is good at making things like this look good. :-) I was clueless, but now that he has a blog of his own, he gave mine a much needed make over too! :-) You are always missed as well!