Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I have been trying to get over a horrible stomach virus the last few days. It came with a quiet entrance and has lingered with an evil vengeance. Thank goodness for my husband's flexible schedule (a pro of being a minister, even though the cons can be that he may be out at 2 am counseling with a suicidal teen), I have been able to be with my daughter, but not right in her face, as he has run interference and tried to keep her occupied outside the house. At times, I have been too nauseous to speak, or be spoken too, but nothing has made me too sick to receive my daughter's sweet words or actions.

Before she and Joshua have left the house to go over to the office for him to do some work, or have just left to get out of the germ infested building we call home, she has never hesitated, completely unprompted, to say the following things: "Bye, mommy. I see you later, mommy." Running to the couch, "I kiss your head, mommy!" Nothing has been sweeter in my moments of feelings of total sickness than hearing those words and feeling her sweet kisses on my head! Just one of the many moments I have to come of shedding tears over the wonderful things about my daughter. What a blessing it is to be a mom!

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